Quantum Joy Leap 2024!

An Experience to Allow More JOY in Achieving Your Dreams & Goals.

"Making a quantum leap - going from you to YOU² - means accomplishing far more, in less time, with only a fraction of the effort you've been giving." ~ Price Pritchett, Ph.D.

Join us as we implement the dynamic methods of goal achievement proven by millions AND the power of the Chair of Joy™ Experience for leaping beyond ordinary performance and achieving dramatic breakthroughs in your health, career and life!


  • 5/30/24 - Pre-call - Intentions, Goals, and Desires

  • 6/06/24 - Kick off - Refined Intentions, Goals and Actions

  • 6/13/24 - The Power of Future Pull

  • 6/20/24 - When Resistance Comes

  • 6/27/24 - Use it or Lose it

  • 7/04/24 - Being Relentless

Need to Miss a Session? No worries! VIPs receive the recorded sessions in your library for easy replays and to keep you on track throughout the year!

Dates: Thursdays, June 6 - July 4, 2024

Time: 10amPT/12pmCT/1pmET (60 mins)

Location: Virtual Zoom Room

Do you have big dreams?

Aspirations that encompass your every thought? Ambitions that feel way bigger than you or your abilities?

These dreams, aspirations and ambitions have been gifted to you. You are meant to fulfill them!.

Embrace Joy and achieve your quantum leap toward your dream!

Get clarity on your goals and dreams.

Established action plan that is simple, workable and doable.

Be inspired to make big moves toward your goals in 29.5 days.

Stay motivated to keep moving forward on your goals with our 3 step motivational model.

Be accountable to a group of like-minded individuals seeking similar growth.

Learn tools to keep you on track all year long.

Limited Spots Available

Invest in YOUR Dreams, Invest in YOU!


Achieve Your 2024 Goals with a Joyely Community!

  • Envision a clear future

  • Take clear actions toward your goals

  • Practice tools that support you to see more, be more and do more that you thought possible

  • Establish health goals and tactics for achieving them

  • Feel the ease and joy of taking powerful action

  • Know your exponential capacity for achieving more

What is your biggest dream?

Join Us

Limited Spots Available

Registration $24

-Weekly calls

-FB group support

-Access to your guides during the 29.5 day journey

VIP Registration $94

In addition to the items above, VIPs receive:

-Access to recordings for 12 months

-1:1 session with one of your speaker guides

(Jennifer, Deana or Kim)

Your Guides

Jennifer Cavender spent 21 years as a CPA leading audit teams and advising businesses on accounting, business processes, growth and problem-solving. Recognizing her talent for identifying individual strengths and building confidence in others, Jennifer now brings world-class training programs to individuals, communities and corporations, utilizing her transformative principles and the science of Joy.

Deanna Leonard is celebrated for her expertise in marketing, leadership and coaching. Within her Over 50 and Over-Joyed community, she serves as the catalyst and Empowerment Leader, steering individuals on their unique Joyful journey in health and mindset wellness. Through her Living at the Pace of Grace program, Deanna provides actionable steps that ignite energy and lead to Joyful fulfillment.

Kim Bowers-Antolick
is the visionary behind the Be Lighter Lifestyle dedicated to inspiring personal leadership in others. Kim guides individuals to embrace a lighter existence in body, mind, and heart. Her mission is to help people shed the heaviness that weighs them down, fostering a transformative journey towards a more joyful life. Through the Be Lighter Lifestyle, Kim empowers individuals to lead themselves towards a lighter, more fulfilling path.

Mission: To empower individuals worldwide with the science of joy for personal well-being and positive impact..

Vision: A world where joy is a universal language, inspiring compassion, harmony, and personal and professional fulfillment.


Thursdays, June 6 - July 4, 2024


Virtual Zoom Room Experience

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